8200 Alumni Association, the Azrieli Foundation and the Ministry of Education are excited to present:

1M NIS to be awarded to a startup that will crack the challenge!

For the first time in Israel: a national competition for startups promoting technological solutions in the field of personalized social-emotional learning (SEL)
The winning startup will get one million NIS and implement it's solution in dozens of schools across Israel (!)

The Problem

Students are learning in the same methods since the industrial revolution, even though the world has evolved and changed beyond recognition

The education system today faces more social and emotional challenges than ever, and students have larger gaps. This, combined with heavy workloads on teachers, makes it challenging for them to provide a personalized response to each student. Traditional education methods do not fulfil these needs:

Increasing reports on loneliness and mental distress among students

The number of students indicating loneliness and mental distress is growing, while the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly worsened the students’ mental state.

Content gradually becomes irrelevant

The world is changing rapidly. A significant part of the curriculum gradually becomes irrelevant and students need new tools and skills that will help them cope with the changing reality.

The social and economic gaps are growing

The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the social and economic gaps in Israel, and many students find it difficult to access beneficial education of high quality, thus they are not given an equal opportunity.

The Solution

Personalized learning in classrooms with an emphasis on development of social and emotional skills

Personalized learning for each student, based on their pace, strengths, and interests, as well as social-emotional skills development, like awareness and self-management, empathy, and teamwork, has been shown to improve student success in school, work, relationships, as well as their happiness and well-being

I want to apply!

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Studies conducted in recent decades have shown that development of social-emotional skills –

Raises the students’ happiness index, as well as their motivation and optimism

Improves the students’ academic accomplishments

Reduces mental distress and dangerous behaviors

Improves and strengthens the student-teacher relationship

Despite the general consensus, teachers in various subjects are still lacking tools that would allow them to teach each student in accordance with his or her needs and develop their social and emotional skills

The Challenge

NIS A challenge for startups to develop solutions for personalized social emotional learning with a prize of 1 million!

A national competition for startups to develop technological solutions that will enable English and Science teachers in seventh grades to teach in a way that promotes emotional-social learning and in a personalized way, for each and every student in their class.

The winning startup will receive a million NIS prize and implement it’s solution in dozens of schools across Israel’s peripheral regions!