Explanation about the competition

A national competition for startups that focuses on development of technological solutions that will allow teachers to promote personalized social-emotional learning during English and Science classes!

The competition was launched in 2021, and over 300 entrepreneurs and startups registered for it!

We are here to help you succeed!

The competing startups received:

NIS A launch grant of 100,000
Pilots in schools across the country
Mentoring and support provided by industry-leading professionals
International exposure to partners and investors
100% ownership of the venture
Assessment by an international research team
An opportunity to change the face of education
An opportunity to win one million shekels

Registration Criteria

A solution that allows teachers to impart social-emotional skills (SEL) to students

At least one personal and one interpersonal skill


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A solution designed to be used by 7th grade teachers during English and Science classes

The solution may also be used by the students, but not instead of the teacher

A solution that allows the teacher to deliver a personalized learning experience

The personalization can either relate to the learning subject or to SEL

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English or science teacher part of the team / as team consultant

In order for the solution to be practical and implementable in classrooms, the development team should include an English or Science teacher


When did it all happen?

December 2021

Challenge Launch

the registration opens and the revolution begins!

March 2022

Registration Ends

Approximately ten startups will be selected to compete

April 2022

Challenge Begins

distribution of grants and opening of the accelerator

September 2022

Pilots’ Launch

the developed solutions will be implemented in 60 schools across Israel

July 2023

Announcing the winner

A prize of one million shekels

September 2023


Implementation of the winning solution at dozens of schools in Israel’s periphery

The competing startups!


I have a solution, but it does not meet all the criteria. Can I still apply?
Yes, as long as you present a clear business plan that shows how the solution will meet all the criteria of the challenge, and the solution can be developed before the pilots will be launched at the schools.
I have an idea, but I don’t have any partners. Can I participate?
Of course! Feel free to write to us and we will be happy to help you find partners.
Will I be charged with a certain share of the venture?
The venture will be under your full ownership and no share of the venture will be taken from you.
I want the solutions to be implemented at my school – what should I do?
You are welcome to contact us by email - contact@selchallenge.org.il

Competition Rules

Everything you need to know about participating in the competition.

Competition Rules