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Interview in “Yedioth Ahronoth”

“If a child learns on a daily basis to practice social and emotional skills, he gets tools for emotional regulation, which help him regain balance and control impulses. The app’s feedback also reveals to him what he is good at, which strengthens and calms.” This is what Naomi Govrin-Schwartz, the SEL Challenge menaging director, shared […]

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“Opinion column in “Education Time

“In Israel, the nation of startups and entrepreneurship, there are high-tech professionals, teachers and teaching staff who can make their mark in the field. In order to not be left behind and to be considered outdated, the world is waiting for the next great educational gospel, for technology that everyone will implement. It is certainly […]

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The Marker” Interview”

“Studies show that social-emotional learning is consistently and positively related to an increase in achievements, lowering anxiety and depression and increasing happiness and mental well-being, success in careers and relationships and high civic involvement.”. This is what Eran Faingbaum, CEO of Oracle Israel, our esteemed partner, shared in an interview with “The Marker” newspaper. Press […]

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Interview – “Radio Tel Aviv”

“We bring Startup Nation to education” This is what Naomi Govrin-Schwartz shared in a comprehensive and fascinating interview on Tel Aviv Radio’s City Square program. In the interview, Naomi described the need for social-emotional learning, she gave examples of what is happening today in the field and how important it is. Press here to listen.

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Article in the “LaIsha” magazine

“Social emotional skills have a major influence on a person’s life – from studies to employment” This is what Naomi Govrin-Schwartz, the Challenge managing director, shared in an interview with the “LaIsha” magazine published this week. The interest in the challenge and our participating startups is at its peak! To read the full article press […]

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Article on “Walla!”

Comprehensive and fascinating coverage that was published in “Walla!”, which included an interview with Eran  Feigenbaum, CEO of Oracle Israel, our partners in the challenge, together with Vered SitVon, a science teacher and educator at the “Six-Year Yeshi” high school in Hadera and Amit Lichtman, an English teacher at the multidisciplinary school Amal Amirim in […]

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Article on ‘Channel 12 News in Arabic’

Asraa Haj-Yahia, a pioneer teacher who is participating in this year’s pilots, was interviewed together with Naomi Govrin-Schwartz, the director of the program, for a fascinating conversation about the challenge and its importance. Asraa shared that “we live in the 21st century, therefore as a school and as educators our role is to equip the […]

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Interview on “Kan News – Nightly Edition”

"We focus not only on the cognitive aspects of the students, but also on their social and emotional well-being." Naomi Govrin-Shwartz, Managing Director of the Challenge, shared in her intreview from 26.11.22.

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Interview on GALATZ, national radio station

Adi Zand, from 'Kelim Shluvim' and Shonnie Shams from 'SpeakingPal' interviewed for Galatz financial program, on 'Hi Tech Day'.

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Our opening event on ‘Globes’

8200 Alumni association, Oracle and the Azrieli Foundation are promoting social emotional skills in schools.. article on our opening event!

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“Interview in “Calcalist Tech

Education in Israel desperately needs technology intervention. Why won't it happen?

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Articale on ‘Globes’

Those skills are important for success in school, in one’s career, in relationships and during any period of one’s life. This is what Eyal Eshed, CEO and Co-founder of SpeakingPal. shared in an article in Globes. Eyal described his journey, in which he established and sold different companies related to the education field. He also […]

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News story on Channel 13’s main news edition

A comprehensive and interesting article about the challenge and META, one of the startups competing in the challenge.

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Interview on ‘Hi-tech in the Jams’ (Podcast)

An interview by Naomi Govrin-Schwartz, for the leading podcast in the ecosystem, from 'Calcalist', where she shared about how technology can help in education, and why it is important to develop social and emotional skills and more...

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News Story on ‘MAKO’

Three startups competing in the challenge were presented in a fascinating article, along with Galit Gal, our board member and CEO of Philanthropy at the Azrieli Israel Foundation, who shared why it is important to implement SEL in classrooms and which move is promoted by the Challenge. For further reading, click here.

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News Story on Channel 13

Michael Peled, CEO and founder of SingIT, one of the startups competing in the challenge, was interviewed and described his path and the goal of their product. He shared that the company started working even before he finished high school! Along with Michael, Naomi Govrin-Schwartz discussed the purpose of the challenge and the importance of […]

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News Story on ‘Next’

"The teacher becomes a mentor" This is what Uri Shapira, CEO of Eureka-World, one of the startups competing in the challenge, shared in the Next program on Channel 12...

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News Story on Channel 14’s morning show

"It shows how critical this thing is, at the heart of the ministry of education work" ... Naomi Guvrin-Schwartz and Daniel Kovler on the morning show

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Interview on Channel 7

Emotion, education, high-tech and... a million shekel...

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Article on Walla!

An article about the challenge, the need for personalized learning and the development of social emotional skills in every classroom..

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Interview on the ‘Hungry for Knowledge’ podcast

Intreview by Naomi Govrin-Swartz, Manging Director of the SEL Challenge, to the leading Learning podcast in Israel.

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Launching Event – 12.1.22

The launch event took place on 12.1.22, and was attended by over than 200 participants. To watch the recording of the event and more information...

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