Article in ‘Israel Today’


“Many students are still dealing with the effects of the Corona crisis and isolation, which significantly damaged their social and emotional skills. As part of the SEL challenge, we sought to re-strengthen these skills and teach them skills such as self-confidence, the ability to work in a team, listening and more. The reactions from the field were excellent, and prove how important it is to continue to strengthen the students in this aspect.”

This is what Galit Gal, CEO of Philanthropy at the Azrieli Foundation, our dear partners, shared in a fascinating article published in Israel today.
The article reviewed the challenge and the pilot year, and also detailed about a successful and exciting implementation that took place in recent months at the Gilboa school in Beit Shean.
There the winning solution – SpeakingPal – was implemented, and the reactions from the field were positive and exciting. Proud of you!

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