Intreview for ‘Channel 7’


Liane Ouaknin, an English teacher at the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva, Hadera, was interviewed by Channel 7 and enthusiastically shared her experience from the pilot year. In addition, Lian shared great tips for teachers and parents and told about the impressive progress her students made during the year both in English studies and in the social-emotional aspect.

For example, Lian said: “Our ambition as English teachers is to decipher the code that will make the students speak. The students say they understand what they hear, but when they come to speak they get stuck and the app releases this stuckness. In the app the student receives feedback for his speech in front of the computer without being in front of friends or a teacher, without being ashamed, and that’s how he progresses. At the same time, there is social and emotional learning. As a teacher, I receive an update on the tasks the student did and how he felt about the task following questionnaires the student was asked.”

Click here to watch the intreview.